LessAlarming was born out of the frustration of our paging service vendor significantly increasing prices, without giving any added value to my employer. In addition, the increasing latency between when the error occurred and the alerts being received was becoming a thorn in our DevOps team’s side. Being a small business, my employer had little use for the more advanced features of PagerDuty, and while exploring alternatives, we didn’t feel that any of the other options were much different – lots of features and a high cost to go with them.

Speaking with Anthony Allen, my co-founder, along with several other DevOps people, we found that there was a desire for an alerting tool without all the whiz-bang features that was reasonably priced. We also realized that with the advent of serverless offerings from AWS, Azure and Google, there was the ability to build an incredibly robust application with virtually zero infrastructure management. This allowed us to build LessAlarming to be more reliable than our competition, and with the ability to scale near infinitely – no matter how many alerts are coming in for our customers.

We sincerely thank you for checking us out, and if you have questions, you’re always welcome to email or ring my cell with questions,

-Ben Carlson
[email protected]
m: 972-632-6901